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Chicago Commercial Real Estate Management

  • Lynne Kelley, Senior Property Manager

    “With more then 30 years of industry experience, I can say with conviction that our clientele experience true full service brokerage counsel at Landmark Partners. As a Property Manager, I quantify my achievements on the success of my clients’ properties. Their continued business and referrals are my most valued rewards.”

Our Asset Managers are easily accessible and maintain respected relationships with tenants and owners as well as our maintenance contractors. Actively serviced, well maintained properties command premium rental rates and above market selling prices. Attention to these details and constant communication assists us in keeping buildings occupied and therefore generating the highest possible revenue for our clientele.

If your investment property or your company's facilities are currently self-managed, Landmark Partners' Asset Managers can offer professional and economical Chicago commercial real estate management services resulting in significant savings of time and valuable resources.

Our asset management services can be individually tailored to fit the needs of your business perfectly. Landmark Partners' management experts offer services such as property inspections and maintenance, tenant correspondence, rent collection, property tax protest supervision, lease retention, cash flow projections, budgeting and more. Let our team evaluate your property and propose a tailored maintenance program to fit your needs and budget perfectly.